Theory of the Hybrid
Theorie der Hybriden Oekonomie - Buch
ISBN 978-3-00-031837-5


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What do Barack Obama and the iPhone have in common? Why will we all soon be generating our own energy and why will toasters soon be powered by car batteries?

The path toward a hybrid economy goes through time and space. It goes from phenomena in economics and politics to medicine, biology and physics, right down to history and society.

Did you know, for instance, that the world’s 20 largest container ships produce as much CO2 each year as all of the approximately 800 million cars in the world?

Or that the lens of our eye relies on multiple hybrid energy production?

The current globalized economy is much too concentrated on individual linear goals, such as growth, profit maximization and low product costs. We should change our way of thinking toward a “hybrid economy,” the defined aim of which must be to always search for the optimal path between the priorities of conflicting goals - in other words, the most efficient combination of growth and environmental sustainability, of free international trade and regional production, and of low unit labor costs and the high purchasing power of employees. After all, the value of an economy is not least of all a function of its mental, social and economic differences!

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